Undoubtedly hunting is a popular sport among many people, and just like any sport, you need the right equipment and supplies. Most people focus on big things like the right hunting rifle and proper clothing. However, they forget to choose the right hunting shoes. If you choose the wrong hunting shoes, you may predispose yourself to slips that could lead to sprains and fractures that would force you to seek medical attention. Such accidents also cut short your hunting experience. Here is some advice to enable you to choose the best hunting shoes.

1. Know Your Hunting Terrain

The hunting terrain will determine the kind of hunting shoes. If you are hunting in rocky terrain, you need shoes that have a high ankle and stiff sole. However, if you are hunting big game like deer in steep and rugged terrain, then you need boots that can offer you some support. Are you hunting ducks and your terrain is swampy and wet? You need waterproof boots. Are you hunting in a snake-infested area and you need protection from snakes? Then you need snake-proof boots. Even before you decide on which shoe you want, you need to know the hunting terrain.

2. Choose the Right Boot Style

The style of boot that you need depends on the hunting terrain as well as the amount of walking that you will be doing. There are two kinds of shoe styles that can be broken down using the materials used to make the boot, and they are:

a. Rubber Hunting Boots

Rubber boots are an excellent choice if you will be wading through swamps, wet areas, and even snake-infested areas. They are waterproof, and some have rubber so dense that it is snake-proof. Did you know that animals can smell the scent from your shoes and run away before you even fire a shot? Rubber shoes can help you solve this issue since they do not absorb your scent and give away your position. The major downside of rubber hunting shoes is that they may not be that comfortable.

b. Leather and Nylon Boots

These are the most common and most popular shoes in the market because they are comfortable, waterproof, and are warm.

3. Choose The Right Boot Insulation

The weather and the terrain will determine the level of insulation that you will need. Insulation is normally classified based on grams, and here are the guidelines.

a. 0-200 grams

These boots offer little to no insulation. This insulation is found in hunting shoes, and it is suitable for hunting during warm temperatures.

b. 400-800 grams

This is the standard insulation level for all boots, and it offers enough warmth when the temperature drops without being too stuffy. This is the perfect insulation level for people who hunt during cold seasons.

c. 1000 grams and Above

If you like hunting during winter, then these are the perfect shoes to keep you warm.

In closing, remember that the key to a good hunt is in the right equipment. So make sure you get the right shoes.