Zyn brings the love of hunting and the love of nicotine together. Seasoned hunters take every precaution not to spook the game. The smell of tobacco is a proven deterrent for some animals. In addition, nicotine and chewing tobacco are toxic to deer. The latter may make the meat inedible for humans. Increasingly, hunters are looking for alternative options to partake of nicotine in a way that doesn’t spoil deer meat or drive the animals away. Zyn nicotine pouches offer a flavourful solution for hunters to partake while hunting. By placing Zyn under the upper lip, a hunter may enjoy tobacco-free nicotine in a variety of flavours. Here are reasons Zyn is a practical replacement for tobacco while hunting.


Hunters may ease into nicotine pouch use with light to heavy strength choices. From mellow to extra strong, the pouch brings nicotine lovers the same powerful experience without the dangers that tobacco brings to the hunt.


From cool mint to citrus, the flavour-packed Zyn pouches provide the hunter with a palate-pleasing treat. The pouch sizes also differ, allowing the user to cater to his specific tastes and preferences. Hunters release the flavour by using the upper lip to press the pouch against the teeth while hunting game.