Assassin's Creed The Assassin's Creed series is set in a world where two warring groups attempt to shape the history of mankind. Each game takes place

Assassin’s Creed

The Assassin’s Creed series is set in a world where two warring groups attempt to shape the history of mankind. Each game takes place in a different period. This includes Ancient Greece and Revolutionary France. Several of these titles give players the ability to hunt down animals. The by-products from hunts are then used to craft and upgrade gear. For instance, pelts can be turned into new costumes.

The Witcher

The Witcher games are top-rated amongst fantasy fans. Players take control of a man who has been given supernatural powers. He uses this to hunt down monsters which are wreaking havoc and attacking humans. He has a unique sense which allows him to track down these creatures. Once the tracking has been completed, a boss battle tends to take place. The defeated monster can then be traded in for a bounty fee.

Far Cry Primal

This game is set during prehistoric times. The main character is Takkar, a member of a hunting tribe. When a mammoth hunt goes wrong, he finds himself alone in the wilderness. Takkar must fashion hunting gear from wood and stone to survive. Once he kills an animal, the corpse can be used for meat and clothing.


GTA V allows players to use more modern methods to take down deer. One of the characters, Trevor, is friends with a local mountain man. He employs Trevor to hunt down deer with a sniper rifle and calling whistle. Once the animal is killed, the mountain man will pay Trevor. This money can then be spent to upgrade his weapons with add-ons such a silencer.

Red Dead Redemption

RDR is set in the Wild West of America. It is an impressive depiction of life during this time. The open world is full of different animal species. These can be shot and skinned. Parts of them are then stored in an inventory section, where they can later be sold to other characters. If the player does this enough times, they will achieve legendary hunter status. They are then able to hunt down more dangerous and fast creatures.


Gun is also a western game which has several similarities to RDR. However, the hunting missions are relatively different. In Gun, the player will be given hunting tasks by a Native American. To make the kill more honourable, they are only allowed to use a bow and arrow. This makes the task much more difficult.